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Welcome to our Governor Section...



Mr John Remeikis is our Chair of Governors. We are very fortunate to have a committed and dedicated team of governors. Their role is crucial in the continuing success and development of Croft Infant School.


Governors                                          Appointed as                                     Term of Office ends

Mr John Remeikis                               Co-opted  (Chair)                                April 2019

Mr Richard Meakin                            Parent (Vice Chair)                             Sept 2017

Mrs Lynn Beeson                                Headteacher

Mrs Jane Newton                                Co-opted                                             Feb 2019

Mrs Jane Priestley                              Staff                                                     Nov 2017

Mrs Jane Sinfield                                Co-opted                                             Feb 2019

                                                                                                                           (Resigned July 2015)

Mrs Kate Allcock                                 Parent                                                 Jan 2019

Mrs Kelly Thornton                             Parent                                                 Jan 2019

Mrs Rachael Austin                             Parent                                                 Jan 2019

Ms Effie Robinson                               LA                                                        Nov 2018

Vacancy                                               Co-opted


The Clerk to the Governing Body is Mrs Diana Riley.


The main roles of the Governing Body are:-

  • To provide a strategic view, focus on the key issues of raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning.

  • To act as a critical friend, provide the headteacher and staff with support, advice and information, drawing on it members’ knowledge and experience.

  • To ask challenging questions.

  • To promote the interests of the school and its pupils

  • To ensure accountability


The full Governing Body meets every term in school. They also hold sub-committee meetings for Resource Management, Teaching, Learning and Community matters and Headteacher Performance Management. Policies, form the framework within which our school operates. The monitoring of school policies is delegated to the committees; this is the time for governors to develop their strategic role, planning, monitoring and reviewing school progress. Policies are available for parents via the school office or on our website.

At Croft Infant School, the full governing body meets every half term.

In addition to this we also have two sub-committees, namely Resource Management and Teaching, Learning and Community, which also meets every half term.

The Chair and Vice Chair of Governors form the Head Teacher Performance Management Committee, along with our LA advisor.


The dates of all committee meeting for the autumn term have been agreed as follows.  At the next full governing body meeting the remainder of the dates for the full academic year will be agreed and published.














J Remeikis (Chair)

J Priestley  (Chair)

SEN – K Thornton


J Newton

R Austin

Safeguarding/Child Protection/Behaviour – E Robinson


L Beeson

L Beeson

Link Governor,       J Newton

Training, Health & Safety – J Newton, R Meakin


K Allcock

E Robinson

Literacy – K Thornton


R Meakin

K Thornton

Numeracy – K Allcock




Early Years – K Thornton




Performance Management

J Remeikis, J Sinfield, R Meakin




Pupil Premium – J Remeikis




ICT – J Remeikis




Sports Funding\PE – J Remeikis




Tues 10th November at 6pm


Wed 25th November at 6pm

Arts – R Austin


(History\Geography\RE) – K Thornton





Science – R Meakin

PHSE – E Robinson



Wed 2nd December at 6pm


Anti Bullying  - E Robinson



This was agreed by the Local authority on 25th February 2015 and is as follows:


  1. The name of the school is Croft Community Infant School


  1. The school is a community school


  1. The name of the Governing Body is Croft Infant School Governing Body


  1. The Governing Body shall consist of:


  1. Four parent governors
  2. One Local Authority governor
  3. One Headteacher governor
  4. One staff governor
  5. Four Co-opted governors


  1. The total number of governors is eleven


  1. The term of office for all governors is four years


  1. This instrument of government comes into effect on 25th February 2015.


  1. This instrument was made by order of Derbyshire Local Authority


  1. A copy of the instrument must be supplied to every member of the governing body.

Annual Statement from the Governing Body for academic year 2014-2015

During the 2014-2015 academic year, the governing body were actively involved in the recruitment selection and appointment of a new headteacher, who took up post in January 2015. Since January, governors have participated in the annual school improvement review with the Local authority school improvement partner. They have undertaken monitoring and work scrutiny excercises with the senior management team.


Governors have faced a challenging year with a number of maternity teaching vacancies to cover and have been successful in recruiting temporary teaching staff of a high quality, which has ensured that our high expectations of the children’s attainment and behaviour has been sustained.


A recruitment campaign was undertaken by members of the governing body to promote governance at the school and as a result successfully recruited three new parent governors who are committed to their role as a critical friend of the school. We also successfully appointed a local authority governor who has a health care professional background.


Governors were involved in setting challenging targets again this year for children in Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 and staff have worked exceptionally hard again with children of all abilities and background achieving above the national standards.


Governors have undertaken a variety of benchmarking activities to ensure that Croft Infant School is providing good value for money and compares favourably to similar schools within the local authority.


Governors were involved in the budget setting process, meeting with our local authority finance patch officer.


During the summer term, Governors attended a refresher training course on safeguarding at one of our cluster schools.


Named governors for curriculum areas have undertaken monitoring visits throughout the academic year and reported back to full governing body meetings.  This process will continue throughout the new academic year.


As we look to the 2015-2016  academic year, governors will be involved in the development of the school improvement plan, target setting and monitoring. Governors will also have a key role in completing our school’s self evaluation during the Autumn term.