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Blue class with Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Gee. 



Following the prime minister’s broadcast on Sunday evening our position at school has not changed in that we are closed to all children except those of key workers. If your child has not been given a place in school during the current closure they should remain at home.

Thank you for your continued support. 

It's the week beginning 18th May already! This week our theme is Sport and exercise. Have a go at these activities.


Friday 22nd May


Science/PE- I know the effects of exercise on the body.

Hold your own ‘Funny Mini Olympics’.

Here are a few things you might like to include but you could invent your own activities using things at home or in the garden.


Invite your family to join in.


Decorate your own medals and hold a ceremony.


Look at the Y1 SPAG lesson –Joining words and clauses using ‘and’.

Pick up where we left off on Tues Slide 12.

Work through the review activity and then complete the Consolidation activity – Theo’s Party, there are 3 levels of this activity you only need to do one.

Picture 1
Friday maths challenge!

Story time:

Junglie United

Thursday 21st May

Growth mindset-

Growth mindset teaches us that we should always give our best even if something is hard to do.

Now talk to a grown up to answer these questions

  1. What did the tortoise learn?
  2. What did the hare learn?
  3. Who was helping the tortoise and how?
  4. Can you learn from getting things wrong?
  5. What are your strengths?

Grown-ups: Some of these questions are hard to think about and answer and it might be helpful to give prompts e.g. Did the tortoise give up? Why was the hare so confident? What did the hare do wrong?


Now choose something that you found difficult and have tried hard with. Draw a picture of yourself trying hard at the activity. Maybe include a speech bubble.


You have seen the power point now choose one of the reading levels and try the comprehension.


Tricky word trucks.

You will need an adult to tick if you are right or wrong.

Picture 1

Non-sense words – Picnic on Pluto – all phase 5 sounds


Week 4 Lesson 4 Compare number sentences.


Diving deeper into mastery cards- compare number sentences.

Choose one of the 3 levels and draw tables or write the number problems in your book.

Story Time

Everyone can learn to ride a bicycle.

Wednesday 20th May


This Summer the Olympics were supposed to be held in Tokyo. They have been postponed for now. The last Olympics was held in Brazil.

Watch this power point.


Picture 1

Look through the photo pack of Olympic activities (WARNING do not print them off there are too many).

Picture 1

Choose one and write and draw about it.

Name of sport or event:

What do you wear?

How do you play/take part?


The Tokyo Olympics interactive word search and interactive word mat activities.


Week 4 Lesson 3. Add and subtract worded problems.

Don’t print out, read on screen and draw or write whatever you need to show the answer in your book.

Choose 3 to complete.

Picture 1
Yoga time!

Tuesday 19th May


Science- I know why exercise is important.


Make a poster showing the importance of exercise.

Think of a title.

What information do you need to include?

What pictures will you use?

You could use pictures from magazines or catalogues as well as drawings.


Look at the Y1 SPAG lesson –Joining words and clauses using ‘and’.


Work through the slides rehearsing the sentences out loud. Pause at the slide called Party Time (Independent focussed activity). Look at the PDF of the worksheet and use Q2 to write the sentences in your book (don’t worry about the other questions).

Leave the power point there for today.

Reading comprehension

How to make a healthy fruit salad.

Read together and answer the questions verbally.


Week 4 Lesson 2 Subtract within 20.


Now try a game. You can adjust to make it easier or harder as suits.

Cosmic kids yoga –Dance fitness

Monday 18th May


Science- What does exercise do for us?

Look at the power point with a grown up. You will need to talk to them and answer the questions on the slides.

Why we need exercise.


Continue working through the slides following the activities.

Once you are finished write some sentences in your book to answer these questions:

  • What are some of the benefits of exercise?
  • How much activity should you try to complete each day?
  • Name some of the ways that you  can be active. 
  • Apart from exercise, what else can you do to stay healthy.
Reading free choice – record in reading record. Why not try a Bug Club book and quiz?


Phase 5 matching game PPT

Grown-ups will need to run this one.


Week 4 Lesson 1 Add by making 10

Look at the power point and answer the questions as you go through.

Diving deeper into mastery cards –Add by making 10

Choose one of the 3 levels and draw number lines, ten frames or write the word problems in your book.

Song time:

LBB juniour

Thursday 14th May


Who can be creative?

Using some of the recycling around your house can you make a big picture/sculpture?

Picture 1
Hello everyone! It is the week beginning 11th May. I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend with your families. Here are the activities and suggestions for working at home this week.
Thursday 14th March


Add more and count on with 20.

Watch the video


Picture 1
Complete the questions in your book.


Compound words.

look at the word search. Either print and complete it or write a list of all the words you can find.

Picture 1
Play cheeky chimps on phonics play.

Story time

Watch Maddie’s Do You Know?

Picture 1
Wednesday 13th May



Purple Mash – Simple City recycling programme.

Watch the videos and sort the rubbish into the correct recycling bin.



Write down 5 sentences about how you can help look after the Earth. Remember capital letters, spaces and full stops as well as forming letters correctly. Remember curly caterpillar letters and long ladder letters.


Adding together and finding a part


Watch the Video


Compound words


Complete the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check

Complete the questions in the book.



Play The Mystery of Flower Garden.

Story Time

Mr Tumble Recycling

Tuesday 12th May.

The Messy Magpie comprehension. Choose one of the appropriate levels of reading and answer questions in full sentences (where appropriate) in your exercise books.

Reading comprehension

Reading comprehension 1


Fact Families


Watch the video:

Picture 1

Complete the questions in your book.



Compound word spelling activity.


Phonics Play


Play Sentence Substitution 5a.


Song Time
Picture 1

Monday 11th May



Read The Messy Magpie Recycling Powerpoint.


Recycling Cut and Paste activity. You don’t need to print just draw pictures under the two headings.

Picture 1
Picture 1


Part whole relationships to Number Bonds.


Watch the video:

Picture 1


 Compound words –

Read and learn about compound words on the powerpoint answering the questions as you go through.



Play Phase 5 Popping Balloons powerpoint.

Picture 1

Thursday 7th May

Wake up your body with a workout.

Picture 1

Dinosaur e-book Read p18-24

Fossil finders, Mary Anning, Living with dinosaurs.

Now try some fossil inspired art.


Make a spiral

First look for any examples of spirals around your home or outside.  Spiders webs, shells, pinecones, petals on flowers etc. Trace the shape of a spiral in the air, starting small in the centre and moving outwards.

Look at the images of Spirals in nature PDF and try to create some of your own spiral art. You could use paint, felt tip pens, dried beans, coloured beads, different coloured wool, stones and twigs for example. You could do this job inside or out! Take a picture to show what you have done.

Home learning. Year 1. Summer term week 2.

Lesson 4 Problem solving.

Work through the power point carefully. You may need lots of pausing for discussion.

Picture 1


The next challenge cards to try are numbers 7-13..

Picture 1

Phonicsplay -Phase 5 alternative spellings of phonemes-reading practice. Choose any of the sounds and read the sentences out loud.


 and then some Tricky word trucks

Picture 1
Time to sing along.
Picture 1

Wednesday 6th May.

Why not try a 'wild workout' or two with Andy from Cbeebies.

Carry on with the next section of the Dinosaur ebook.

Dinosaurs e-book

Read p 13-17

Spikes, scales, horns and tails.


Now work through the What am I? power point.

Picture 1

Create your own clues for: (choose 1)

 An ankylosaurus

An ovirapter

An alosaurus

Or another dinosaur of your choice.

Picture 1

Home learning. Year 1. Summer term week 2.

Lesson 3 Find a quarter.

Why not collect some small objects from around your home and find a quarter practically, this will help you complete the activity.

Picture 1
Reading today is your free choice, don't forget to write it in your reading record.

Play the phonics frog game (phase 5 all sounds), then have a go at sorting some real and nonsense words in Odd and Bob phase 5.

Picture 1

Story time

For today's story we have chosen Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson.

Picture 1

Tuesday 5th May

Don't forget to wake up your bodies with Joe Wicks at 9am!

Dinosaur e book

Dinosaur e book 1

Dinosaurs e-book

Read p6-11

Dinosaur diets, Meet the herbivores, Meet the carnivores, Meet the Omnivores.


Now watch the power point and have a go at the sorting activity.

Picture 1
Write 3 sentences in your book to explain what each of the words Herbivore, Carnivore and Omnivore mean.
Picture 1

Home learning. Year 1. Summer term week 2. Lesson 2.

Find a quarter.

Activity Q 1 and 2 -Why not try finding objects to draw around that would give you the shapes you need (if you can’t print the sheet out).

Activity Q 3 and 4 –discuss with a grown up.


Try these challenge cards. Complete 1-6.

Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2

Phonicsplay flashcard time challenge

Choose all sounds and 1 min on the timer. What is your best score?


Dragons den –Real and nonsense words


Now have a listen to this 

The Dinosaur Rap!

Monday 4th May
Picture 1
This link will take you too the twinkl page where you can download the book for yourself.
Picture 1

Home learning. Year 1. Summer term week 2.

Find a half.

Try the top marks game. Choose Level 2 in the first drop down menu. Doubles and Halves in the second menu. Halves up to 10 in the third menu. Don’t forget to set the time interval to suit (10 sec or more).

Don’t worry if you can’t do it quickly the first few times it’s just for fun.

Try a Summer Term Spelling and grammar mat. No need to print –copy out the words or sentences. There are 3 levels to choose from (the answers are there too)

Phonicsplay -Phase 5 alternative spellings of phonemes-reading practice. Choose any of the sounds and read the sentences out loud.


Tricky word trucks

Harry and his bucket full of dinosaurs – Home!

Picture 1
Friday 1st May

Science –

Can you match the animals to their babies? Set task on Purple Mash.

Picture 1

Science – matching animals to their homes


Write about the basic needs of animals.


Can you draw, label and paint a bird?

Picture 1
Phonics -Work through days 4 and 5 on the powerpoint.
Picture 1
Can you complete the maths challenge.
Picture 1
Thursday 30th April

Here’s Joe!

Here’s Joe! 1

Birds in your Garden

Differentiated reading comprehension.

Picture 1

What clothes do you wear in the different seasons?

Go to the 2do area to find today's task.

Phonics today - Work through days 1- 3 on the powerpoint.
Picture 1

Lesson 4 – Finding Half

Watch the video and click on the activity

Cosmic kids yoga

On the farm.

Picture 1
Wednesday 29th April


Use the writing frame ideas to write a paragraph describing a safari animal. Talk about and compare to your local animal.

What is the same? What is different?

Safari animal writing frames

Safari animal writing frames 1

Complete the word list adding ‘un’ in exercise books. Discuss what the words mean?


Lesson 3 – Making equal groups (sharing)

Watch the video and click on the activity.

Tuesday 28th April

Safari animals fact files

Safari animals fact files 1

Read the Safari Animals Fact File Display Posters.

Go to Twinkl and click the KS1 box. Search for the Safari Animals Fact File. This 9 page doc is too large to link to!


Literacy 1

Complete the powerpoint guessing the animal.



Design and make your own phonics game using real and nonsense words. Play it together.

Making equal groups

Making equal groups 1
Jungle safari cosmic kids yoga.
Monday 27th April

Science- Take a walk in your local area. What types of animals would you find? Can you draw pictures and label them? Choose one animal. Can you tell me what they eat? Where they live?  Anything else about them.

Picture 1
Maths today is all about doubles.
Picture 1
For a little extension work, try this link to the Top marks site and have a game of Hit the Button!

Story time:

Handa’s Surprise

Picture 1
Friday 24th April.

Butterfly Life Cycle

Butterfly Life Cycle 1

Draw the life cycle of a butterfly and use arrows to show which way the cycle goes. 

Picnic on Pluto

Picnic on Pluto 1

Phase 5 flashcards – speed trial

Tricky word trucks – all Phase 5 High Frequency words

Practice spelling the Common Exception Words – any you are struggling with in your exercise books.


Non-sense words – Picnic on Pluto – all phase 5 sounds

Measure capacity

Measure capacity 1

Week 1 Lesson 5 Measure capacity.

Look  at the power point presentation. Respond as you go through.

Talk through the questions on the sheet. These are reasoning style questions and are can be challenging for children to explain.

Picture 1

Working without worksheets, practical measuring activity for a sunny day!

Thursday 23rd April.
Picture 1
Print the ‘I can’ sheet OR write your own I can statements in your book. Don’t forget…YET!  


Tricky word trucks.

You will need an adult to tick if you are right or wrong

Picture 1

Week 1 Lesson 4 Introduce capacity and volume.

Watch the power point presentation. Respond as you go through.

Wednesday 22nd April

Make a playdough bug.

Use card, sticks and natural materials or anything you have at home.

How to Make Play Dough - Easy No Cook Recipe! | Sea Lemon


Use slides 5 and 6 to write sentences in your book.

Use slides 5 and 6 to write sentences in your book. 1

Question 1- say your answers to a grown up. Question 2- write the statements in your book.

Ignore Question 3.

Ext: Reasoning question

Ext: Can you use your reasoning skills to answer this question

Ext: Can you use your reasoning skills to answer this question 1
Tuesday 21st April

The Cautious Caterpillar

The Cautious Caterpillar 1


Phonics 1

Measure mass

Measure mass 1
Monday 20th April.

What are insects like? BBC bitesize KS1

What are insects like? BBC bitesize KS1 1 BBC bitesize

Wednesday 1st April Choose from 3 levels.

Thurs 26th Place value activity cards.

Remember the Tens and Ones cards are in order from Diving -Deeper -Deepest. If you try one and it's straightforward then move on to the next.

Mother's Day Comprehension

This term we are learning all about Our World in our topic Out of this world!

We will explore countries, continents and other places such as deserts, the Acrtic, rainforests and oceans . 


Don't forget we want your work and pictures from home to put up on our topic wall.

Year 1 are off to the Space Centre on Wednesday. What will we find out?
Picture 1


In maths we are learning about fact families or related facts. In other words all of the additions and subtractions that you can make using one set of numbers.

6 + 4 = 10

4 + 6 = 10

10 - 4 = 6

10 - 6 = 4


We will do this using ten frames, part whole models and bar models wit lots of equipment to help us! 

We use these to help us work out problems.

We use these to help us work out problems. 1
We use these to help us work out problems. 2
We use these to help us work out problems. 3

Our book for the next two weeks. 20-01-20

Our book for the next two weeks. 20-01-20 1
Our book for the next two weeks. 20-01-20 2

Please check your recycling!


We still want your junk modelling materials especially tubes such as kitchen roll inners and pringles boxes (sorry we are not allowed to use toilet rolls)












High Frequency Words or Common Exception words

Try these websites for games to support your child's learning.