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Welcome to Forest Schools! 



At Croft Infant School, Forest School is a child led programme that allows the child to explore, experience and appreciate the outdoor world through play and practical activities. The children experience the natural world whatever the weather and so can learn and appreciate the seasonal changes and how the environment changes over time. Sessions provide opportunities for children to develop their communication, speaking, listening and team building skills alongside increasing their knowledge of the natural world and learning about trees, mammals, plants and birds.

For our Forest School sessions we use the woodland at Alfreton Park. The park offers a range of different areas including a coniferous woodland, broadleaved trees and field areas. During Forest School sessions we aim to teach and involve children in the caring and sustaining of the woodland environment including minimising the impact of activities on the site. 








Check out our Forest School display outside Yellow Class at Croft Infant School. Please take a booklet to find out more about our sessions :)







We enjoyed jumping in the mud in our wellies!







We followed horse hoof prints along tracks in the mud through the woodland­čÉÄ 





We built our own natural tipi shelter.






Leaf angels!






We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and then wrote our own version, inspired by our leaf identification from the week before!






We went on a tree and flower hunt around the park and identified different trees and flowers including oak, horse chestnut and birch trees.





We found and identified lots of different plants and flowers including daisies, dandelions, bluebells, rhododendrons, forget-me-nots and geraniums.






We collected 4 sticks, arranged them into a square photo frame and filled it with interesting objects they found on our walk around the park.






We looked at how the trees change in the Spring time.






We found and learned the names of a range of different flowers including dandelions, forget-me-nots, daisies, bluebells, daffodils, geraniums, buttercups and rhododendron flowers.






We have been searching for signs of Spring!





We used to sticks to make the initials of our first name!






We found horse hoof prints in the mud!




We built mini tipi and lean to shelters.






We made snow angels!






We taught each other how to make snowballs and then had a fun snowball fight!






We were busy making leaf woodland creatures out of different leaves, sticks and other natural things we found in the woodland!







We enjoyed playing hide and seek!






We read and ordered numbers from 1 - 12, then found and counted out that many natural objects we found in the woodland.






We all framed our own flour hand print art!







We learned about evergreen trees in our woodland where there are coniferous trees that do not lose their leaves all at once in autumn like other trees. We felt the leaves/ needles and discovered that they felt quite soft.







We measured the width of oak trees' trunks with our arms!

We learned to climb and balance on the low branches of trees.






Today we played hide and seek! Can you see any of us??






We had a stick throwing competition!









We all created our own nature 'photo frame'using natural objects we found around us including conkers, leaves, feathers and pine cones.








We could hear birds in the trees above us and saw squirrels running across the woodland floor and climbing up into the trees and they kept throwing half chewed conkers on our heads!

We talked about the differences of light in the woodland compared to in the field area by looking above us.