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Orange Class

Welcome to Orange Class!


Miss Brown is our class teacher 

Mrs Blackborow is our teaching assistant 

Miss Robinson is our specialist teaching assistant


All the children have settled well into school and are making lots of new friends!

We have enjoyed talking about and looking at our holiday bags. It looks like everyone has had a great summer holiday! smiley





Our book this week is called 'My Mum and Dad'. 

We have be talking about our families, drawing pictures of who lives in our house and writing our names. broken heart

In maths we have been matching patterns and in phonics we have learnt s and a. Check your book bags for your phonics homework.

How to hold a pencil

27th September 2021


We have made fantastic portraits to go up in the classroom using paints and pastels. We have also had our first PE lesson! Go to Dojo to see our pictures smiley

In phonics we have learnt our new sounds t and p. We had lots of fun writing these new sounds in flour!

All children will now have a reading book. Please read the letter in your book bags to help you support your child. Book will be changed every Monday and Dojos will be awarded if 3 reads have been done at home. 

Thank you for your support. 


4th October 2021


Last week we made some fantastic Owl Babies pictures on the interactive whiteboard. These have now been put up in the classroom. Go on to Dojo and see if you can spot your childs work! 

We have also been busy decorating the initial letters in our names. We had great fun picking different materials and colours! There is a video on Dojo of our new class display heart


This week we have learnt t and p. We have a few bits of homework coming home this week including name writing, our new phonics sounds and a cutting and sticking phonics sheet. 


We have also learnt about our bodies and 5 senses. We labelled a picture of a body as a class and put it up in the classroom. Have a look on Dojo smiley


11th October 2021


Please remember to read at least 3 times a week at home.


This week we have made our own happy stones using acrylic pants! They look fantastic and will be coming home at the end of the week. We carried on being creative by making our own Colour Monster book marks to use when we are reading at home and also did a skittles experiment! Have a look on Dojo what happened to the skittles when we put them in warm water! surprise

We have learnt i and n in phonics this week.

In maths we have been using lots of mathematical language to compare heights of toys using cubes! 


18th October 2021


In maths this week we are looking at repeating patterns using 2 and 3 colours. Have a look on Dojo what we did- it involves paint! You could try this at home too. 

In phonics we have learnt d.

We have also continued to be creative and made our own colourful Elmer elephants using tissue paper and glue as well as using the interactive whiteboard to create Elmer1 


Please look in book bags for phonics and an autumn hunt tick list for homework over the half term.

How to access your child's portfolio on class Dojo to add photographs or videos

1st November 2021


We hope you have had a lovely holiday!


This week is all about Diwali and bonfire night!

We have made some brilliant diva lamps for the Festival of Lights and had a bonfire food tasting day on Friday!

We made a pretend fire and sat around it eating hot dogs! It was great fun! To end the day we took home chocolate apples we had made and enjoyed a hot chocolate whilst watching a firework display on the whiteboard! broken heart Head over to Dojo to see our amazing week!



8th November 2021


This week in maths we have been looking at numbers 1, 2 and 3 and different ways we can represent them. 

In phonics we have learnt k and ck. Check your book bags for phonics homework.


We have also done lots of learning about Remembrance Day including watching a video called 'Poppies' on Ceebeebies at 11am.

Have a look at our class window whilst you are on the playground to see the lovely poppies we made using apples yes

15th November 2021


We have had a very busy week this week! We have learnt all about birthdays as part of our celebrations topic, it has been anti-bullying week and Children in Need! Go onto Dojo to see all of our learning this week including our rice crispie cake making!


Thank you for all of your donations for Children in Need. 




December 2021


We can’t wait to each have a chocolate from the class advent calendar! We also have a good deed box and have to try and complete one of the good deeds each day from it. 

December 2021


We have had a very busy month performing our nativity, meeting Santa and making Christmas cards and calendars! We have had a great month! 

You can find our nativity performance on the website. Click on the the blue tab on the home page labelled 'children' and then 'video centre'.

Orange and Red class have been working very hard to make a display for our local supermarket Tesco. Go and take a look at it on display in the window next to the car park 😊🌲

10th January 2022

Welcome back! It feels like such a long time since we were all together! We hope you have had a lovely Christmas. This week we are settling the children back in and sharing our holiday news with each other. We are also watching a Cinderella pantomime!

Look at the pictures below to see some of the fantastic show.

Our topic web for this half term

Below is a Maths Talk learning resource that includes all of the key concepts and vocabulary for our next maths unit called Growing 6, 7, 8. 
This tells you what your child is learning in school and gives ideas to continue the development of maths skills at home. 

17th January  


In PE this half term we are learning how to play dodgeball. 
We are learning the story of The Three Little Pigs in literacy and will be walking around Alfreton looking at the different types of houses. 

Our drawings of the different types of houses around Alfreton

7th-13th February is Children’s Mental Health Week. Take a look at some of the activities we will be doing.