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School Council

**We are in the process of starting up our NEW Croft Council - watch this space!**

The information below is an archived group


Welcome to Croft School Council

Our School Councillors 


Year 1

Lola from Purple Class

Freya, Alfie and Bradley from Blue Class


Year 2

Bella from Green Class

Chloe, Rufus and Henry from Yellow Class

Croft Council have been very busy over the last few weeks. They have been holding class meetings to find out the views of children in their classes. Some have also delivered the important questions to the reception classes too. The councillors have been feeding back their findings during council meetings. 


Here is a Croft Council meeting in session

Croft Council are here to to give the children of our school a voice that is listened to and valued. If you have a worry or an idea that you would like us to know about, please tell a Croft Councillor so that they can share it in our meetings.