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School Uniform


Our School Uniform

We have a super smart uniform here at Croft Infants and all our children are expected to wear it, and wear it with pride! 


Our colours are royal blue and gold - just like shining stars!


Here is our list of our daily uniform....


* Black Shoes
* Grey Skirt / Pinafore / Trousers
* Grey / Royal Blue Shorts

* Blue / Lemon Checked Dress
* Royal Blue Jumper / Cardigan / Sweatshirt
* Blue / Gold / Polo shirt / T-Shirt


Our P.E. uniform is worn to school on P.E. days and consists of...

* Plain black or blue shorts / joggers

* Blue / Gold T-shirt

* Black pumps / trainers



Our uniform is available to buy with our school logo on from Your School Uniform. There is no expectation to buy anything with our logo on and most supermarkets stock our colours. 


Please click on the link here to order:



Our school clothing is from a local company at very competitive prices and we make no profit from selling uniform.


Clothing can be ordered directly from the company and delivered either to school or your home. 


We do have a small number of pre-loved uniform items in school, so please ask if we can help!


Please put your child's name inside all items of clothing! 


THINK SAFETY! - Children are not allowed to wear jewellery at school and parents are asked not to send children to school wearing jewellery. It is especially important on PE days. This is to prevent them injuring themselves or others.